Just because it’s Valentine’s Day, it doesn’t mean every woman will be interested in getting a mani with hearts. Yes, hearts are one of the most sought-after ideas for a nail art, but you’re not obligated to follow it. Some women may want to think outside the box and try unconventional things instead. So, if you’ve had enough of the hearts, glitter, and rhinestones, here are 10 excellent designs for you to choose from.
Purple with Glitter Valentine's Day Nail ArtRed Nails Gold Spikes Valentine's Day Nail ArtBlack White Rhinestones Valentine's Day Nail ArtFloral Valentine's Day Nail ArtBlack Lace Leopard Print Valentine's Day Nail ArtBlue Yellow Stiletto Valentine's Day Nail ArtBlack Tips Valentine's Day Nail ArtBlue Red Valentine's Day Nail ArtPurple Gold Valentine's Day Nail ArtRed Patches Valentine's Day Nail Art
Whether you want to try your hand at heart designs or something else altogether, make sure to choose nail polish shades that will complement your attire for the evening. Take your time while doing the mani as you don’t want to get distracted or not find enough time to let the nail art dry completely. And before applying a coat of clear polish on top, make sure to wipe any polish that may have come on to the skin. There’s nothing worse than smudged nails, especially on Valentine’s night.