If you want them to blend with your dress or you are simply in the mood to deck them, nail art is undoubtedly a pretty way to mollycoddle your talons. In this article, we present to you 10 cute nail designs.
There are different nail art ideas one can paint on their nails. You can go for intricate floral designs, or go for simple nail designs by drawing stripes of different colors on your nails. All you need to do is select a simple design that is easy to draw on the nails. You can spruce up the nail art by adding some glitter to it, or sticking few cute stickers.

10 Cute Nail Designs

There are different materials available for painting nail art. The easiest way is to paint your nail with a color, and stick cute stickers on them. Another way is to use the nail art brush to paint cute nail polish designs. If you don’t have the brush, then here is an idea that I use to create nail art. Make a small plastic cone with a fine point, then pour a little paint in it, close its top using a rubber band, and use the point of the cone to draw the nail art designs. If you find painting nail art difficult, then buy the kits that contain ready-made designs which just need to be stamped on the nails.

One more way to try nail art is to use cute acrylic nail designs, however they are not so safe and getting rid of them takes time. On the other hand, the paint on your natural nails can be wiped away with thinner in a minute. However, if you are going for the conventional method of painting on your nails, the things that you require are:

  • A notepad
  • Color pencils
  • Nail art brush/nail polish pens
  • Different nail paint colors
  • Stickers (optional)
  • Glitter (optional)

The notepad and color pencils are for you to draw and practice the designs beforehand, and fill them with the colors of your choice, to check the right color combinations. Draw a simple design on paper first, avoid any details, keep the design bold and cute, and then use the nail art brush to redraw these cute designs for nails.

Emoticons on nails
Cool emoticons cute nail designsFunny emoticons cute nail designs
Paint your nails with a base coat of pale blue color, pale pink color or a transparent base coat. Then draw emoticons like smiling, happy, grinning, angry, cool, weeping, etc. on your nails. Draw a circle with lemon or bright yellow nail paint, and then draw the expressions inside it.

Summer on nails
Nautical cute nail designsSummer theme cute nail designs
These are another great nail art idea, and look especially cute for short nails. Think of things that represent the summer, like a smoothie, sun, sunglasses, caps, fruits, etc. Practice drawing simple cartoon designs of these things on the paper. Then paint your nails with a base coat color of your choice, preferably a light color. Then use the nail art brush and carefully paint these designs.

Fruity cocktail
Fresh fruits cute nail designsJuicy fruits cute nail designs
Practice drawing some simple fruit designs on the paper first, like watermelon, banana, pineapple, etc. Then paint your nail with a base coat of fresh green paint, and use the nail art brush to draw these cute easy nail designs.

Musical nails
Music inspired cute nail designsMusic notes cute nail designs
These designs look very cool on your nails, to try these ideas paint a white color base coat on your nails. Then use black paint color, and draw shapes of clefs, half notes, quaver, flats, etc. using the nail art brush.

Cute floral designs
Cherry blossoms cute nail designsFlower power cute nail designs
These are very cute designs for girls, and can also be painted on toes. Paint your nails with a base coat that is of light pink shade. Then draw a flower with 5 petals and one circle in the middle. You can use different color for the 5 petals or one single color, and yellow or brown color for the middle circle. When using this idea for painting cute toenail designs, draw the flowers a bit bigger so that they stand out.

These were the different cute nail art ideas you can use for painting a cool and unique look on your nails. So, follow the above steps and enjoy the cool and cute designs on your nails!