Tribal nail art is becoming fairly popular these days, making it vital for fashion-conscious individuals to incorporate the trend before it’s too late.

Did You Know?

  • Contrary to popular belief, the nail plates are composed of dead cells and hence, do not require oxygen or nutrients; the nail beds and cuticles, however, do. So, let your nails breathe between manicures.

Getting your nails done at the salon can be expensive; not to mention time-consuming. Of course, doing them at home does take a considerable amount of time, but it does give you the opportunity to work on the nails whenever you want. And with tribal nail art, you don’t necessarily have to visit a salon every time. Within the comforts of your home, it is quite easy, although slightly laborious to get the nails ready.

So, to help you get started and provide some inspiration, we have compiled a collection of 12 different tribal nail art designs for short and long nails. Also, as you go through the article, you will also find a step-by-step tutorial. Pick one design or go for them all, but start painting your nails now.

Tribal Pattern Nail Art

The best thing about doing these designs is their flexibility, and the ability to customize them the way you want. Depending on the colors and designs you like, you can try doodling the patterns on a piece of paper before you paint your nails.
Feather Tribal Nail Art DesignAztec Tribal Nail Art DesignBlack with White Tribal Nail Art DesignBlue Tribal Nail Art DesignRed Tribal Nail Art DesignPink with Black Tribal Nail Art DesignBlue and White Tribal Nail Art DesignColorful Stripes Tribal Nail Art DesignPink and Blue Tribal Nail Art DesignPink Tribal Nail Art DesignPurple with White Tribal Nail Art DesignRed and Pink Tribal Nail Art Design
Weren’t these designs just gorgeous? While creating the designs, your patience will be tested, but know this―in the end, it’ll be all worth it. Give your nails a makeover with any of these designs, and wait for the compliments to flow.