As there are so many designs and color combination to choose from, selecting one nail art can be tough. To help you make a decision, Stilion has compiled 18 trendy leopard print nail art designs that might interest you.

“Nails are the period at the end of the sentence. They complete the look.”

  •                                                                                       – Prabal Gurung

Creating eye-catching designs with nail polish can be tough. If you’ve never tried it on yourself before, chances are, the first time you put it on, the results won’t be as you hoped for. On the other hand, consistency, patience, and with a little of time, you can rock any kind of design.

But, we’re not here to discuss all that. What we want you to focus on are some amazing leopard print nail art designs that will leave you speechless. So, let’s get down to business, and take a look at what we have in store for you.

18 Trendy Nail Art Designs

Whether you want to create the design on your nails, or use the pre-designed acrylic ones, the result will always be fabulous. Go through the images below, and get those nails painted now.
Pink-Blue Leopard Print Nail DesignGold-Black Leopard Print Nail DesignPink-Black Leopard Print Nail DesignIndigo-Black Leopard Print Nail DesignBlack on Black Leopard Print Nail DesignDouble Pink Leopard Print Nail DesignBlack-Pink Leopard Print Nail DesignPurple-Gold Leopard Print Nail DesignRed-Brown Leopard Print Nail DesignLavender-Brown Leopard Print Nail DesignPink-Blue-Black Leopard Print Nail DesignBlue Leopard Print Nail DesignGreen-Black-Gold Leopard Print Nail DesignMaroon-Gold Leopard Print Nail DesignClear Black Leopard Print Nail DesignRed-Black Leopard Print Nail DesignColorful Leopard Print Nail DesignBlue-Pink Leopard Print Nail Design

Some Dos and Don’ts

In order to maintain their prettiness, your nails require a bit of care and attention. Follow these steps to keep the design intact for a longer time.

1. Wear gloves while doing the dishes, gardening, and other chores around the house.

2. Apply a top coat every day before going to bed.

3. Do not pick at the polish once applied.

4. When you are ready to remove the design, use a non-acetone nail varnish remover.

You can choose to create any of these leopard print nail designs at home, or ask the manicurist to replicate the design. Either way, in a short while, you’ll have gorgeous-looking nails to flaunt. Make sure that once the design is applied and has dried completely, you apply a clear top coat afterwards. This way, your design will stay put for a long time.