Are you looking for easy nail designs which you can try at home? If yes, then your search ends here. The following article will suggest some easy, yet unique nail designs, which can even be attempted by a beginner.

Beautiful hands and feet make a woman feel even more confident and attractive. And what better way to lend glamour to the hands and feet, than beautifying them with creative nail art? There are various nail salons which offer nail designing services, but the same can be done at home too. In the following sections of this article, we will show you some simple designs that you can try on your own. Just follow the simple instructions mentioned below, which will help you create some easy nail designs.

For your convenience, the sections have been divided into three categories, i.e., nail art designs for short nails, long nails, and toenails. You may choose any of these, depending on your liking and requirement.

Short Nails
Short nails should be painted in such a way that they appear lengthy. For adding length to short nails, an easy nail design would be to paint the nail as if you are painting two nails, i.e. use two separate designs for the lower part of the nail and the upper part of the nail.

Black and Red
 Red stripes on black nail design

  • Paint the lower half of the nail with black nail polish.
  • Make vertical lines on the unpainted, upper section of the nail using a bright red nail polish.
  • These vertical lines will add length to your nails as well as make them look unique and beautiful.

Red and Red
 Red dotted nail art

  • Paint three fourths of the nail, starting from the upper section, with red nail polish.
  • On the unpainted nail, make small round dots with the same polish using a small brush.

Long Nails
Nail designs generally look the best on long nails. With proper nail care, anybody can have long, tapering nails. Here are two trendy designs for long nails.

Yellow and Green
 Yellow nails with green leaves design

  • Paint the entire nail with yellow nail polish.
  • Now, using a green polish, paint a small leaf in the middle of the nail.
  • You can also use glitter to highlight the boundary of the leaf.

Pink and Purple
 Purple colored geometrical nail art

  • Paint the nail with pink nail polish and let it dry for a while.
  • Now, take a purple nail polish and using a small brush, make different geometrical shapes such as a circle, square, and a triangle on different parts of the nail.

Toe Nails
Nail designs are easier to create on fingernails than on toenails. Because fingernails can be grown, their size and length makes it easy to create nail designs on them. Toenails comparatively are smaller, hence difficult to paint.

Blue and White
Blue Nails with white flower design

  • Paint the entire toenail with light blue nail polish.
  • Now, with a small painting brush, use white polish and make a tiny flower near the tip of each of the nails.
  • You can enhance this design further by placing a silver rhinestone in the middle of the flower.

Green and Pink
 Green Nails with pink dots

  • Paint the entire nail with a light green shade.
  • Use a small brush and paint pink spots all over the nail.
  • Even though a combination of these two colors is not very commonly done, they make for a great final product.

These are a few easy nail designs to do at home. Try painting your nails using these ideas, and see what an instant hit they become at the varied social events that you frequent.