Basically, you will require 3 different nail polish―a clear nail polish as your base and top coats, a bright color for dots, and a dark color for outlining the dots. You may choose any three colors. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that the colors for the leopard dots and the outlines need to complement one another.

1. Before you begin, remove the old paint off the nails (if there is any), cut your nails properly, and file them. Apply a fresh base coat on your nails and let it dry.
2. Once the base coat is completely dry, you need to properly apply the main nail polish. Choose from a range of colors―red, purple, green, yellow, pink, blue, etc.; plus, the hue can either be dark or light.
Green Nail Polish
3. You will have to wait some time so that the polish dries properly. Now, you will need a toothpick to apply the dots. Dip the toothpick in your choice of polish, and apply random dots over all the nails.
Green Nails with Gold Dots
4. We don’t want to apply round dots; what we’re looking for are heart- or oval-shaped dots.
Green Black Gold Leopard Print Design
5. Again, let the dots dry properly, else your design will get smudged. After the dots have dried, take a different color nail polish and dip a clean toothpick in it, and draw lines near the outer corner of the dots. Make sure that these lines do not connect with one another.
6. And that’s it; the design is complete. Let everything dry completely before you apply a top coat so that it won’t chip.
Remember, nail polish takes a lot of time to dry properly. So, make sure you have enough time on your hands before you start. You can choose to apply the base coat, nail polish, spots, and outlines in the evening. Let everything dry properly, and the next day, apply the top coat to seal it all in.