Now that you’ve gone through the designs, it’s time to go through the steps and get those nails painted. First and foremost, remove any existing polish off the nails. And secondly, grab your nail art kit, Q-tip, pink nail polish, and 2―3 polishes of your choice.

Step 1 – First, apply a base coat and let it dry properly; it shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes.

Step 2 – Apply your favorite shade of pink polish over the base coat. If one coat seems light, put on a second coat and let it dry completely.
Pink Nail Art Design
Step 3 – Now, dip the thin nail art brush in black polish, and make two parallel lines from the corner of the nail.
Pink Nail Art Design with Black Lines
Step 4 – Once it dries, make two more parallel lines going diagonal to the previous lines. The second set of lines will begin from the other side of the nail.
Pink Nail Art Design with Double Black Lines
Step 5 – After the lines are dry, fill in the gaps with your favorite nail color. If the brush from the polish is thin, use it; or use a different thin brush to apply the polish.
Pink and Blue Nail Art Design
Step 6 – Dip a Q-tip in nail polish remover to wipe away any polish that might have gone outside the nails.

Step 7 – And once the design has dried completely, apply a top coat to keep it intact for a longer time.