A neutral or natural-colored polish on the nail bed accented by a strip of white on the very tip of the nail is probably one of the best ways to give your toenails a touch of beauty and elegance. You can use rhinestones and decals to add some designs to your toenails. Use glue made for rhinestones to make beautiful designs and flowers after you have your French pedicure done.

Go the French Way

Red and blue french toenail artYellow flowers french toenail artPurple flowers french toenail artRhinestones and french toenail art
In addition to these designs, you can use some cool animal designs, bridal designs, marine nail art designs, etc. Whether it is wild and wacky or cool and elegant, the basic thing to keep in mind when you are getting the perfect toenail design is to keep your feet clean and the nails trimmed. There is nothing as beautiful as elegant toenail art on nice, pedicured feet. If the designs for toenails are not perfect for your natural nails, then you might want to use some artificial nails to create perfect nail art designs at home.